The Trend-Sessions

Our Trend-Sessions are directional & inspirational, our seminars curate an insightful forecast of the upcoming macro and key- trends trends, tailored to your company and target group.We focus on consumer behaviour, innovation, fashion, sustainability, design, fabric, interior, lifestyle and color.With strong visuals and macro economic content we provide a directional inside on the upcoming season, narrowing down to the key season specific directions and topics.Whether you are a fashion entrepeneur, an organization, brand, designer or creative professional, book a session now because arly insights into culture changes and consumer behavior make you strong and prepared for tomorrow's business.

Curating clear directional trend stories

For our trendstories we watch developments in many different disciplines including:| Fashion & Textile || Art & Design || Architecture & Urbanism || Interior & Furniture || Street Scene|| Graphic Design & Illustration || Music & Movies || Sustainability & Innovation || Philosophy & Literature || Science & Technology |Follow our visual forecasting on Pinterest and Instagram

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Follow our visual forecasting on Pinterest and Instagram

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