TrendSenses makes trends accessible and immediately applicable to your business.
We can provide you with general seasonal design guidelines visualised in moodboards and translated into PANTONE® colours, patterns and prints with matching must haves and key items.

We deliver long term forecasting, short term forecasting, seasonal design guidelines, inspirational workshops and masterclasses.
Down to earth interpretations on fashion trends.
Accessible and immediately applicable to your product development.

In addition to that we can help you by building your range with tailor made fashion forecasts and matching design templates or concrete design concepts.
Our goal is to provide trends, customised translated for your success.


What we offer you:


Design Guideline |  €295,- (ex. VAT)

Basic Design module

5 sheets seasonal PDF Design Template for your specific market that contains suitable Trend Information and Direction:

Selected seasonal Moodboard | Design Guideline Macro to Micro translation | Fashion Guideline with 5 Key Item Flats  | Print + Pattern Direction  | Colour Direction


Design Guideline | € on Request

Range Building module

12 sheets  Annual PDF design template for your specific market that contains Macro trend information and direction:

Annual Trend Guidelines | The whole Story  (3 Main Trends in 4 Guidelines per season) | Fashion Guidelines | Design Guidelines Macro to Micro translation | Key Looks + Key Items | Print + Pattern Direction | Colour Direction


Design Workshops and Masterclasses | € on Request

Coaching module

Empower you and your team with workshops and masterclasses.
Feel free to contact us and we will explore the possibilities.




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