The best way to predict the future is to create it


Fashion design and visual storytelling have always been central in the work of designer Marieke de Ruiter.
In 2016 she launched Trendsenses Studio, after working in the  fashion industry for over 20 years as a designer.
Marieke loves working with ethically driven organisations and people who make a positive and durable contribution to the fashion industry. In her lectures she challenges companies and design teams to connect the dots among future trends and how to implement them in their daily business to discover innovative, sustainable and ethically driven growth possibilities.

Marieke de Ruiter

The Trendsenses Studio

Trendsenses Studio is a fashion design studio based in Utrecht area – Holland and Normandy – France.
The multidisciplinary studio is specialised in fashion trends, research, visualization, concept development, design, color- and art direction. We’ll facilitate any fashion design project, from designing collection styles and artworks to create independent capsule programmes that fit your signature.
Combining visual forecasting with design, Trendsenses Studio visualizes custom made creative solutions.



When starting a project we dive deep into your company.
During round the table brainstorm sessions with you and your key team
members we zoom in on topics that are relevant to you.



During our research, we are focused on the input that will strengthen your brand.
We think about sustainability at all steps of the design process and strive to maintain our
and your CO2 footprint as low as possible.


We believe in strong visual communication as a starting point for all design trajects.
Our concepts are based on thoroughly trend and market research.


When designing collection styles and artworks we keep your signature and identity in mind.
We focus on long-term design with cohesion in shape, color and language.


Custom made seasonal artworks, graphics and (seamless) allover dessins,
designed for you to be outstanding, commercial and attractive.


By directing your story and striking the right chord for your collection or brand concept,
that's what art direction is for.